Nomura’s McElligott Talks Georgia, ‘Neon Swan’ Parallel

Nomura’s McElligott Talks Georgia, ‘Neon Swan’ Parallel

Early Wednesday, while documenting the initial reaction to a likely Democrat-controlled Senate following the Georgia runoffs, I talked a bit about equities -- mostly about rates and the dollar, but a little bit about stocks. For markets, the delayed blue sweep manifests in higher yields, a steeper curve, and, likely, a continuation of the recent conjuncture of accelerating breakevens putting mechanical downward pressure on reals, which in turn drags down the dollar. Of course, the reflationary
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3 thoughts on “Nomura’s McElligott Talks Georgia, ‘Neon Swan’ Parallel

  1. sympathy with the early 2018 analog, but before it can become a credible reality we will need to see rate vol move higher. so far, 3m10y swaption vol is tame…in Jan’18 it rose (10vols) before equity markets cracked and equity vol exploded. i’d share the chart if i could, you can see USSN0C10 Curncy on bberg.

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