Georgia Overload

Georgia Overload

There was no shortage of analysis centered around the Georgia runoffs on Monday and Tuesday. This is the kind of thing that's a bit vexing for market participants who, while attempting to drink from the proverbial firehose, invariably think: "Gee, this would have been nice to get last month." Of course, some information only became available once early voting got going in earnest, and nobody could have predicted (actually, everyone could have predicted it, but let's just pretend) that Donald T
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5 thoughts on “Georgia Overload

  1. The analysis is correct. No matter what happens today you can expect centrist governance. If the Democrats won both seats it would give Biden a freer hand to sculpt policy but it would not likely lead to a lurch left. I have seen posts about a covid variant in South Africa that could be capable of thwarting the present vaccines. If this were true, it could be more significant than the elections today. My hope is that there will be a radical center to govern competently for awhile so we can get a taste of a more normal environment. But hope is not an investment strategy.

    1. Ria, I think we have to expect this virus will be around like the flu as evidence is there are natural reservoirs for it to hide in like mink or cats. Mutations are most likely assured. I believe the only long term defense is to keep yourself healthy by good food, vitamins and exercise.

  2. “Any Democrat sponsored bill will need to win the support of centrists such as Joe Manchin and Arizona’s two senators,” … add Jon Tester, Montana to the list. I doubt either Georgia democrat will be a progressive lightning rod either given the states’ recent multi decade red dominance and the next Senate election in 2022..

    Regardless, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski will be the main senate power brokers going forward, perhaps Romney, but I tend to doubt that.

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