Banana Republicans

Headlines Wednesday centered around the distribution of $600 stimulus checks and direct deposits, which began making their way to Americans' bank accounts, even as a push to increase the payments to $2,000 stalled in the Senate. Mitch McConnell could have moved quickly to upsize the payments, but instead chose a more circuitous route, likely because he knows it's doomed to fail. In short, he intends to link the larger checks to Donald Trump's other demands, including a repeal of social media's

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14 thoughts on “Banana Republicans

  1. Josh “Black Votes Don’t Count” Hawley thinks his cynical stunt will give him the inside track for the 2024 GOP nom — or at least the MAGA vote. Dems will never forgive him. Round to Marco “I Got Vaccinated” Rubio.

  2. The public at large seems to be finally getting tired of Trump and the “base”. The base consists of about 80% of registered Republicans- that in reality is about 20% of the population.

    1. Ria, I’m not sure about your % estimates. But whatever the number is, they are loud, motivated, and will be around for at least 2-3 more election cycles. The next 4 years will be refreshing (…at least we’ll have an adult serving as President again), but there will be annoying bellows from the peanut gallery every step of the way, and the 2024 election will most likely be another sh*t show. I just can’t see how the fractures and the divisions will be remedied anytime soon. Sad.

      1. I don’t know. Having around the TNN (“Trump News Network”) always streaming, always divisive, and always attempting to de-legit 46 will be tiresome. The noise on TNN will be tireless whining and and provocation.

        We can expect years of this to occur.

        The next four years will be refreshing in that the number of indictments of close associates of 46 will be zero or low single digits.

    1. Joe, yeah I guess so. But the real bone came from Trump himself. If he had simply cried out for just $2,000 checks (…and remained silent as to Section 230 and the fraud investigation), then the Senate GOP’er’s would’ve truly been in the vice. Trump’s obsession with Twitter and the election fraud shtick prevented him from getting his name on larger checks. Amateur politician versus an all-star professional.

  3. The ‘wealthy’ are not getting $2000 checks. Hey already got trillions in PPP they scammed. Mnuchin gave Kanye millions in relief. But the lies and deceit still come pouring out of the would-be capo’s for Christ.

  4. A fragile and teetering democracy? The fact that the system withstood the assault from this orange, authoritarian buffoon seems to indicate that democracy is still alive and well. It’s been ugly to watch but even the majority of banana republican officials carried out their appointed electoral duties.

  5. H, I know you have been restrained in your political commentary and I appreciate that. With all the ridiculous lawsuits that went nowhere you could have easily done an article a day on this nonsense but you chose not to. This whole election saga has proven to me that Trump is truly delusional. He has a base of people who can be swayed by conservative media, with a bunch of c rated attorney’s that will do his bidding. It is clear to me from the firings and resignations in the last two months that if Trump could figure out a way to declare martial law and declare himself President for life he would.
    My only hope is that lawyers involved with these lawsuits get disbarred and fined.

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