Wild And Dangerous

Wild And Dangerous

US equities hit records Monday, as bemused market participants pondered a convoluted situation in Washington, where Democrats moved on Donald Trump's demand that $600 direct payments authorized under the latest virus relief package be more than tripled to $2,000. Trump, who finally signed the bill on Sunday evening, put Republicans in a tough spot. The GOP has no qualms about abandoning pretensions to fiscal rectitude when it comes to championing supply-side measures with no hope of ever paying
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10 thoughts on “Wild And Dangerous

    1. This law suit asks that congress ceremoniously stands by as the Vice-President decides as opposed to the current interpretation that has the Vice-President in the ceremonial position. Why bother with elections,just ask the Vice-President to choose a winner.

  1. I just learned this evening that Art Laffer was awarded the Presidential Medal of Honor in 2019. I read the White House remarks from the event. A small selection of the salient points, these from Mr. Trump’s remarks at the ceremony:

    “Few people in history have revolutionized economic thought and policy like Dr. Art Laffer.

    He developed a brilliant theory, shaped unprecedented economic reforms, and helped turn a severe recession into a remarkable boom. He proved that the most powerful way to grow the economy and raise government revenue was not to increase tax rates but to adopt strong incentives that unleash the power of human freedom and innovate, create jobs, and deliver greater opportunity to all Americans. And he’s proved it over and over again.”

    Some shameless points from Mr. Laffer at the same ceremony:

    “And goodness knows my fellow teammates are the best ever: Larry Kudlow, my friend forever and ever and ever. Steve Moore. Where are you, Steve? Steve Moore. Steve Forbes. Steve Forbes canceled his trip abroad to be here today. Is David Malpass here? Kevin Hassett. Team players, Steven Mnuchin, wherever – there you are. You’re way back there. Steven. You don’t get a better team than that, ever. I mean, this is the team of all teams.”

    So, in the United States, we bestow one of our greatest honors on an academic responsible for a bad economic theory that was used as a tool to steal away a decent, median wage from workers for two generations now?

    What a Laff we have become.

    1. Hear, hear! Laffer may be the most dangerous person to have had influence in the last 40 years. His crap has hurt millions and millions of Americans who never knew it was happening, kind of like being stabbed by a really sharp thin knife.

  2. The real question is … where do we go from here and how do we prevent this clusterf’ from happening again? Can we do this centered around the same group (or similar group) of losers in the same positions of power?

    1. There is a solution it was used during the enlightenment. Discussions amount small groups calling out the hypocrisy of the Republican positions. I especially like using on young people, “I do not know if you are generation X,Y or Z but I do know you are generation screwed”. That gets the under 30 crowd talking and listening.

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