Veto Corleone

Veto Corleone

In an irony of ironies, Senator Pat Toomey called Congress "completely dysfunctional" while speaking to Fox News on Wednesday. It wasn't the first time he's maligned America's legislature in those terms over the years, and his characterization of Capitol Hill is, of course, "completely" correct. But Toomey's criticism came across as off-putting considering it was his last minute attempt to inject what some decried as superfluous language into the latest virus relief package that very nearly ca
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13 thoughts on “Veto Corleone

  1. includes provisions that fail to respect our veterans and our military’s history

    Trump is talking about naming U.S. military bases after Confederate generals — individuals who fought against the United States of America. But, then, Trump doesn’t read history.

  2. 28 days left. As Jeb Bush stated most accurately Trump was and is the chaos candidate. I suspect the Congress will vote to overide this veto. And I also suspect that Trump will cave on the stimulus bill. Not only was his veto unsound policy. Not only was it unplanned and done when advisors were out of town. But it was politically foolish for his “party”. It sure does not help his sycophants running for their lives in Georgia. But then again coach Tuberville won in Alabama- and he is possibly even more ignorant than Trump.

  3. Trump is not going to run in 2024. He’s burning down the house on his way out the door. Whatever restraint he was capable of these past four years, that will be cast aside over the course of the next 28 days. You will see the fleas like Lindsey Graham try to cling to Trump in the hope that somehow Trump’s followers will transfer their allegiance. It’s doubtful they will. A large part of the Republican party will finally be empowered to move away from Trump. The cowards never understood that if they had stood together and stood up to the bully, he would have been chased from the playground. As a result of their failure, they have spent the past four years letting him steal their lunch money and slap their ears and give them wedgies. Finally, a few brave kids (Republican and Democratic local and state election officials, state and federal judges) stood up to the bully, and he had to back down. And now, as the bully slinks off of the playground, cursing and threatening and crying, finally, the rest of the cowardly kids will come out and–carefully–stand up to him.

    1. I hope you are correct that it is over However the most powerful job in the world is in the hands of a madman and he has millions of supporters who by most accounts are out of touch with reality. Many of which are well armed that could at least theoretically crate more mayhem than we have seen in our lifetimes. Throw in recent Russian hacks of our security apparatus, are we deluding ourselves how dangerous this situation really is?

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