95% (And A Stocking Stuffer Idea)

95% (And A Stocking Stuffer Idea)

Pfizer on Wednesday said its COVID-19 vaccine, jointly developed with BioNTech, is 95% effective according to a final analysis of clinical trial data.  The shot protects all ages and ethnicities. So far, there have been no significant safety issues. Pfizer will apply for emergency use authorization in the US within days. The headline readout is better than the 90% efficacy Pfizer reported last week, in an initial assessment of the data. It comes just two days after Moderna said its vaccine is
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4 thoughts on “95% (And A Stocking Stuffer Idea)

  1. Not convinced that the virus matters for risk takers, it may make a comeback as a negative, but it seems to be either offset by vaccine optimism (strange because its not really a surprise) or the central bank put (which is also baked in). Its just confusing.

  2. The 95% protection rate will make achieving 80% herd immunity much easier. At 90% the required vaccination rate was 60%. I am not sure the equation used to calculate but it should be near to 55% vaccination rate. Which means that we in the USA should have no problem achieving this rate of vaccination. Some will have to be vaccinated to keep their jobs regardless of political insanity.

  3. If all I got for Christmas was a home self tester I would be very happy. If we had gone to National mask policy back in July we would have many more people to share Christmas with. Too bad a couple of hundred thousand people will not be here to take advantage of what modern medicine has to offer. Rumor has it that people dying in the Dokotas still manage to deny covid on their death bed.

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