The Vagaries Of Being Walmart In A Pandemic

The Vagaries Of Being Walmart In A Pandemic

Walmart, a company which knows a thing or two about the retail business, didn't have much to offer Tuesday when it comes to the outlook for the consumer in a world still plagued by... well, still plagued by a plague. I steadfastly maintain that trying to parse retail comps is an exercise in futility due to pandemic distortions. Comps for Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and Lowe's all soared this year, but trying to get a handle on the extent to which the anomalous increases are sustainable is well
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  1. Here in mid-America I go to several big stores to find scarce goods when needed. None of them have everything at any one time. Yesterday Clorox wipes at Kroger’s, paper towels at Walmart, last week toilet paper at Target. Seems to me the supply chains are weak not individual companies.

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