‘Some Embers Flaring Up’

‘Some Embers Flaring Up’

"There are some embers flaring up in a few places", Kevin Hassett said Friday, in remarks to Fox News about a possible second wave of COVID-19. He called trends in Arizona and South Carolina "some cause for concern". Investors, meanwhile, seem "concerned" with Texas, and specifically with rumblings about a reinstated stay-at-home order in Houston. Friday's data showed infections in Florida rising 2.8%, the largest daily spike since May 1. Although US equities managed to close the week on an up
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5 thoughts on “‘Some Embers Flaring Up’

  1. Yes, it is generally inadvisable for old, rich, white guys in suits to go on long riffs about how there’s no systemic racism in the US.

    He should kill two birds with one stone and just say “it’s well contained” to address all questions about COVID and racism. Nice and simple. Maybe avoid any “pretty close to airtight” language, however.

    1. My high school writing teacher taught us that there are two phrases one should never use to start a sentence: “I don’t think ….” or “I don’t know….” Larry didn’t have such a good teacher, apparently.

  2. Beware VaR, Algo, etc impacts on markets which are used by fundamental guys to justify positioning. Markets based on deep knowledge have some interesting insight but tail wagging the dog movement is about as telling as the stars.

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