We’re All Mad Here.

On Friday afternoon, as US stocks surged in the wake of an astounding upside surprise on the May jobs report, Kevin Hassett confirmed that if June's numbers paint a similar picture in terms of the recovery's trajectory, the next virus relief package will be structured accordingly. June's payrolls report "will be something like" May’s numbers, Hassett mused. He pledged (on behalf of the administration) more government spending to aid the economy, but the scope of that spending is contingent on

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4 thoughts on “We’re All Mad Here.

  1. Be thankful! It’s a wonderful opportunity to pull positions out of the dumpsters and pass them on to the system traders!

    Thanks, Mr. Roboto!

  2. Long have I heard gold buffs decry the meaninglessness of fiat currency, a house of cards, they say. Such could be said of equitiies markets nowadays. Valuations have been rendered arbitrary, tulip-mania if you will, and the king is by most accounts, fully dressed.

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