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WHO, Nasdaq Crackdown Are Double-Barreled Reality Check On Simmering International Tensions

All is not well.

All is not well.
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12 comments on “WHO, Nasdaq Crackdown Are Double-Barreled Reality Check On Simmering International Tensions

  1. MC says:

    Who are the decision makers at the Nasdaq?

  2. Michael Veserat says:

    I always love the question “who?” when it has any relation to W.H.O.. Looks like Bill and Melinda can make up the difference with the Defense department contract that was awarded this year to MSFT.

  3. Something I find rather curious so far is how China has brushed off the latests steps by the Trump administration to curtail capital flow, further isolate Hauwei and publicity blame China for the US misfortune, it seems like an uncharacteristically soft response, are they afraid of further backlash following the virus or planning for retribution at an appropriate time? Seems like a piece of the puzzle is still missing.

  4. Emptynester says:

    There is no denying that China is trying to accelerate its financial investment/control throughout the world. This situation is not unique to the US, even the EU appears to be on “high alert” to Chinese investment in European companies and is in the process of regulating foreign investment. They even stated that it would be better for the government to purchase European companies as a defensive move to prevent foreign takeovers.

  5. Ria says:

    We live in a dark nationalistic, jingoistic time. The above is a manifestation of it. Is China an angel? No. But an intelligent repsonse is to work with them when we can, and only to punish or sanction for what and when we need to do so. I would start with the wet markets- clearly a problem, and clearly an area that the Chinese need to fix. After that there are plenty of other problems to deal with-

    • Will Smith says:

      That is assuming Fort Detrick and the unsolved respiratory deaths in July 2019 in Federick County Greenfield Retirement Community was not the true source of patient zero

      If so, before wet market regulation, WHO needs to send in independent investigator into the CIA laboratories

      • Mr. Lucky says:

        As if we’d allow that. You know back in the 70s (or whenever it was) Frank Burns on MASH had it figured out. They’re trying to steal our toilets …

  6. RStantz says:

    America’s failure to provide an alternative to China’s “Debt-Trap Diplomacy” and withdrawing from TPP have left a vacuum that China has been happy to fill. Withdrawing from the WHO, a microscopic version of that policy of retreat, only burnishes China’s international image (at least they are reliable) and increases their influence over a vital international institution (who will help when the next Ebola outbreak flares up?).

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