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Trump Ramps Up China Threats. Says US ‘Looking Strongly’ At Chinese Stocks Listed On NYSE, Nasdaq

The US president also claimed he "has a lot of information" on China and the origins of COVID-19.

The US president also claimed he "has a lot of information" on China and the origins of COVID-19.
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6 comments on “Trump Ramps Up China Threats. Says US ‘Looking Strongly’ At Chinese Stocks Listed On NYSE, Nasdaq

  1. derek says:

    “If you’re wondering how long it would take for US investors to dump all of their holdings in Chinese stocks, Goldman said last year that the divestiture process would drag on for three, 180, and 195 days, for China A, HK, and ADRs.”

    I wondered about those estimates last fall. Who would be absorbing that supply? Foriegners? Will they be comfortable or even allowed to buy those US-listed shares on a US exachnge?

    I’ve been through a few delistings – often you are offered some mechanism to switch to a local listing.

  2. Does this mean the promised glorious phase 2 is not happening? What a cluster fuc! Clearly any move on this direction by the Trump administration would be answered with a repudiation of the hollow phase 1 and a free floating of the Chinese currency. I’m sure paragons of capitalism such as Mnuchin and Kudlow realize that such a path would lead to dollar appreciation and a re-test of the March lows as a base case, and they must have surely communicated this to the supreme leader in terms a 5 year old can comprehend. This begs the question: will Donald sacrifice any possibility of a V shape recovery in markets (and risk S&P at 2000 or below) in a bet that retaliating against China gives him the best chance for a second term? It would be a desperate move and not in the best interest of the US in the mist of a global pandemic and recession, but we have seen desperate moves by GOP presidential candidates to the detriment of our nation before, just don’t ask Palin if she can still see Putin’s ugly head from her back yard…

    • mfn says:

      Nice articulation of the current thinking at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

    • D Price says:

      We can hope that ‘The Greatest Dealmaker Ever’ has a plan. He has a history of capitulation after trying to look like the strong man. However this drifting to economic war to cover for failure to stem Virus shows no sign it can abate until the virus does. Virus is not likely to abate this year. So is this economic war the game plan for the rest of the year? Is the gamble that no one cares about bankruptcy? He has been through bankruptcy many times but his followers have not, seems like a large gamble just as it appears we are approaching the point of equity down flows.

  3. Nobody says:

    China is the new Mexico for this election cycle. Just more insinuation and tough guy talk for his base, with Mnuchin and Kudlow to “hold him back.” The vague threats are better than the wall because the concrete stupidity of the wall is more obvious. He is smart enough to have a good cop or two talking to China about, “Don’t make him mad,” and the more usual, “Aren’t you glad you don’t have to talk like this every 4 years to get re-elected? we’ll make it look like you backed down and gave us what we wanted to the voters just before the election but really we’ll take care of you in a big, beautiful way..” – phase 2.

  4. Will Smith says:

    What is really scary, is that this same POTUS seems to have “no information” on how to ensure a comprehensive well organized economic and biological response to covid

    This lack of information is truly “ not good ” for the average citizen, the dollar, and the future leadership of USA

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