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Martha McSally Educates Jerome Powell On China, Communists And ‘An Investment Bank Called BlackRock’

"But none of us as Americans wants to see China prospering".

"But none of us as Americans wants to see China prospering".
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16 comments on “Martha McSally Educates Jerome Powell On China, Communists And ‘An Investment Bank Called BlackRock’

  1. derek says:

    Thanks. That rant was truly frightening.

  2. mfn says:

    Where are Dan Ackroyd and Jane Curtin when you need them?

  3. joesailboat says:

    “Fool some of the people some of the time…….especially election time.

  4. Darkstar says:

    Someone should have told her: “You never go full retard.”
    Those damn commies at Blackrock…

  5. D Price says:

    Interesting that the Con men and women (Con boys and girls) are blaming china for the same transgressions they are guilty of. Is it not obvious that even the most uneducated person can see through this?

  6. Let’s just hope the percentage of folks who can figure it out is greater than 50%.

  7. Ria says:

    McSally is not pitching high information voters

  8. Bas says:

    LOL, that was funny. Never heard about her til today.

  9. The rant was clearly inappropriate for the setting… but the sentiment is absolutely right. China must either compensate for damages or be embargoed by US and kicked out of WTO.

    • On what grounds? Do you (or anybody else) have any proof whatsoever to support the allegations that China deliberately spread this virus to the world? I haven’t seen any proof of that yet. And besides that, you cannot “embargo” China. That is nonsense talk. It’s the second largest economy on the planet. As I’m sure you’re aware, America’s farmers have been busy suffering mightily for two years thanks to a loss of export market access. If the US cut all ties with China, those farmers would be destitute. And on and on and on. “Decoupling” with China isn’t an option. It’s not possible. The sooner Trump drops this quixotic nonsense in favor of a strategy that’s based in reality instead of that fantasy world he persists in on a daily basis, the sooner we can get to a place where a rational strategy is possible. Every Democrat on the stage at the debates (or at least every serious candidate) espoused an aggressive stance towards China. But there was some semblance of a plan. Trump has no plan. And the idea that China is going to write checks to America because of a pandemic is not just a pipe dream, it’s fall-in-the-floor laughable. This is the same insanity that’s behind the idea to build a giant wall between the US and Mexico. It’s nuts. Totally nuts. It is the stuff a child thinks of and draws on construction paper with crayons. Finally, I’m sure it’s occurred to you by now that all of this has been for nothing. China never paid the US a dime. US importers paid every last cent of those tariffs. Let me reiterate: China never paid a dime. And Mexico has not and will not ever pay for any walls. We continue to spiral down this rabbit hole of insanity with a man who is clearly not in full possession of his faculties. McSally is just parroting him. Nobody in their right mind believes China deliberately put people on planes to “seed” New York and Milan with a virus.

      • The point here isn’t to pick on Bob, and it’s absolutely not to say that China has been forthcoming. I’ve gone out of my way to emphasize just how not forthcoming they’ve been. But then again, who exactly expected China to be forthcoming? If this had originated in Russia, you’d have the exact same kind of coverup going on. But a coverup aimed at obscuring whatever the origins may or may not be is something entirely different from deliberately infecting other nations. That is: even if you can prove it came from a lab, that doesn’t mean Beijing “unleashed” it on the world.

        But even that assumes you can prove it did come from a lab. It may have. But it just as easily may not have. I mean, the same Republicans who are saying it came from a lab are also demanding the closure of the local wet markets. I guess they’re just trying to cover all the bases, but you get the point: Outside of the Politburo, nobody knows where this came from for sure and it is at least possible that Xi doesn’t know either.

        So, until there is concrete evidence to support the assertion that this was manmade (or part of a bioweapons program), or that there was some kind of gross incompetence (as opposed to just an accident) at the Wuhan Institute of Virology that allowed it to escape, you can’t properly demand “reparations”.

        What you can do, is ask China to allow an international investigation, and then if they don’t allow that, you can perhaps put some sanctions on, but this idea that anybody is going to force China to “compensate” America monetarily is wholly ridiculous.

    • derek says:

      While we are at it, how about demanding Africa pay up for AIDS? Or for the Zika virus? Then there’s that MERS – let’s get the Saudis to fork over some bucks for that one. Damn right. The Legionnaire disease? Can we sue the American Legion for spreading it around? Why not?

      Sadly for trial lawyers around the world, the statute of limitations has probably long passed for demanding compensation for the Spanish Flu. It turns out it originated in Kansas, USA!

      Sue ’em all !! But give indemnification to US businesses, of course.

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