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New Week Dawns With West Wing Worries, Fed-Driven Markets And Depression Dynamics

"A great and powerful plague" versus "the Fed driven liquidity environment"...

The new week began on a somewhat inauspicious note, and in that regard, I suppose it's déjà vu all over again. It feels like every week begins with trepidation, probably because we're living through a modern day depression brought about by what Donald Trump this month described as "a great and powerful plague". That "plague" is now spreading through the West Wing. According to at least one source who spoke to Jennifer Jacobs, Mike Pence has joined Tony Fauci, Robert Redfield and Stephen Hahn in self-isolation as the fallout from Katie Miller's positive test continues. Miller - who is, of course, married to Stephen Miller and serves as the spokeswoman for the coronavirus task force - was the second person close to the president and vice president to test positive in the space of a week. Trump's valet also has the virus. Pence tested negative as late as Sunday, and it should be noted there was some ambiguity about his plans. Assuming Pence does eventually decide to take precautionary measures, it would mean that the vice president, the head of the CDC, the FDA chief and Fauci are all operating under virus protocol of some kind. As far as anyone knows, Trump is still refusing t
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4 comments on “New Week Dawns With West Wing Worries, Fed-Driven Markets And Depression Dynamics

  1. I want to see a video clip showing old carrot-top sitting at a desk with his head down on his arms saying “Lindsey Graham is a f’n idiot”.

  2. Miller, of course, is immune due to his inborn, ghoulish-based immunity. No comment (at least anything civil) on Trump and the UK’s record is dismal with a death rate of 14.53% and 219,183 total cases, both now exceeding the tally in Italy.

    • Miller isn’t human. More like a fantasmic creature that would have shown up in True Blood.

  3. General comment about Realities , Fiction and Fantasy……After a long weekend , waiting for the action to restart we parked the Peugeot and borrowed H’s neighbors Porsche for a spin in what appeared could be Reality. So at breakneck speed we hit the straight away of our favorite drive.. Yup , the speedo said 196 mph… and now we come to realize why My Mom wanted training wheels on my first Bike when I was five…

    To the left on the uphill side was The Historical Dalio guardrail sobering and reassuring and on the downhill side the bay below a Simulated guardrail built in the contemporary cable design engineered to withstand the most grievous attempts at it’s integrity….less reassuring !!! Now at 196 mph the problem was what appeared a brick wall in the center of the road built by an Eloquent Academic from Stonybrook and a few equally gifted helpers….. Could be it was made of paper in (finish line ) fashion or maybe the other alternative.. At any rate it could propel me to greater speed in the oblivion or send me to the proverbial recycling bin….Yes indeed this is a Simulated Economy to quote a writer on SA..

    Truthfully Icarus and Dr. Frankenstein probably had similar options but what the heck life is process not an event so it appeared those two continued in their quests. One can always stop and look carefully as a final alternative !!!

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