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No Evidence. And No, That Is Not A Misprint.

"This matter should be handled by scientists." Also, "there’s always a first time for everything."

China got back to work on Wednesday after a long holiday, and immediately dispatched Hua Chunying, a spokeswoman with a flair for the dramatic, to handle Mike Pompeo's brazen accusations around the origins of the coronavirus. Hua came across as less hyperbolic than usual, perhaps because state media had already assailed Trump's top diplomat in laughably overwrought terms on Monday and Tuesday. “Mr. Pompeo cannot present any evidence because he does not have any", Hua told her regular briefing in Beijing, referencing Pompeo's contention (to ABC) that there's "enormous evidence" to support the assertion the virus escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. "This matter should be handled by scientists and professionals instead of politicians out of their domestic political needs", she added. You can expect much, much more of this going forward. Recrimination is the name of the game now. And Pompeo will always be short on evidence precisely because China will never let the US gather any. And, now that Donald Trump has defunded WHO and accused the organization of being complicit in a Chinese coverup, Washington won't be able to rely on the body to assist the administration when
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6 comments on “No Evidence. And No, That Is Not A Misprint.

  1. The Trump blame game is beyond tiresome. It looks like the coronavirus came from China. Who cares if it came from a lab or a wet market.
    And China’s attempts to cover this up lasted, what, a week before the alert went out? This is nothing compared to Trump’s months-long inaction and his gutting of the agencies set up to deal with these pandemic situations.
    The virus is not Trump’s fault. The lack of organized response, disdain for science and expertise, and stupid fumbling mixed messages belong entirely to him and his administration

    • Your comment is orthogonal to the article message. The article discusses world wide economic impact. Is the United States executive branch responsible for poor U.K. construction, India PMI and car shipments, Italy PMI, and Spain PMI numbers???? Your comment about ‘disdain for science’ and data (I suspect) does not present incident rate analysis nor test coverage analysis across countries; which may or may not prove your orthogonal premise.

    • The Chinese sought to cover up. The Trump administration or Trump himself sought to cover up. The first reaction to the challenge that the virus presented was the same in both instances.

      • That is precisely as I see it !!!! Each party struggled to conceal their glee as the other faltered….

  2. gdhalpha, well said. May I quote you?

  3. Precisely, gdhalpha.

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