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Depressions Used To Mean Something.

"Black & white memories".

"Black & white memories".
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3 comments on “Depressions Used To Mean Something.

  1. derek says:

    How much money will be left in these short vol and “risk parity” funds?

    Not that the trustees of any of the funds putting putting money into that crap won’t find it easy to explain how putting retirement funds into those funds is somehow fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities.

    • calh0025 says:

      I’ll definitely be bewildered yet unsurprised when people are standing in bread lines and sleeping in the streets while the dow hits 50k and all the members stocks are laying off 20% of their workforce and cutting dividends. I mean what’s a quadrillion between friends?

  2. Great post and food for thought, if volatility subsides and flows keep coming in to the markets (vol target funds, CTAs) we may see an even bigger disconnect between markets and the US economic reality, will there be riots and protest if we return to S&P 3000 just as we hit 20% unemployment? After all MAGA folks just took to the streets in MI to protest aisle closures at the Home Depot…

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