‘There Are Calls For A Market Closure To Stop The Bleeding’

Man down! As expected after an overnight session that found futures flatlined, US equities were halted limit-down out of the gate at the cash open on Monday, and kept falling once trading resumed. The Dow fell as much as 12%. The benchmarks were down 10% in the US an hour into the cash session. The moves erased Friday's late-session surge and served notice that, at least for now, monetary policy is no panacea - indeed, it's not even a Band-Aid. This was the picture at the morning lows on the D

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12 thoughts on “‘There Are Calls For A Market Closure To Stop The Bleeding’

  1. The market is behaving better this morning than what I would have expected last night. I am not calling a bottom here- it could well correct more. But you can get caught short here as well. Calls for market closure are misguided in my view at this time. That should be saved in the event the virus were to completely shut the country from functioning. We are not at that point- and we should be trying to use government poicy including but not limited to fiscal and monetary policy to solve our problems, at present. As troubled and dysfunctional as our response has been, it appears that even the foolish mayor of NYC, Bill Deblasio is starting to get the joke. (Deblasio is almost as dumb as Trump- neither ready for prime time).

  2. I think the system is in full panic mode and testing a lot of contingency programs , off the shelf , that involve control of the population.. All systems have a primary goal…”Staying in Power ” by all means available..

  3. Future earnings are the only thing that matters and there will be no more easy and fun market for at least a year or more. Market is broken and now it’s a waiting game. Vix/10yr tells story & 2yr treasury is proxy for what 10yr will be One yr from now! Amen

  4. I am not a Donald Trump fan (ahem) or MAGster, but I thought this was the least obnoxious and most effective press conference he has ever given. He hasn’t given many, and no one is ever going to confuse him with JFK, but he was sober, serious, and reasonably well informed.

  5. You would have to close ALL markets globally for market closures to be fair and effective. You’re locking up someone’s ability to fullfill their legal obligations. (margin calls in one market requiring liquidation in another market).

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