Limit-Up/Limit-Down Rolls On, As Germany Teases ‘Unlimited’ Economic Support

S&P futures hit the limit-up band on Friday morning, presaging another wild day on Wall Street, befitting of the kind of week it's been. It was the second time this week futures traded limit-up. Of course, they've been limit-down a couple of times, too. The surge came amid fresh headlines out of Germany around the possibility of fiscal stimulus from Berlin, but really, endeavoring to ascribe causation to what's going on at any given minute is asinine under the circumstances. German Fina

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4 thoughts on “Limit-Up/Limit-Down Rolls On, As Germany Teases ‘Unlimited’ Economic Support

    1. It would be more correct to say that the lack of concrete actions by the Trump administration focused German minds on the need for a significant intervention to stop the bleeding. Going forward the key will be actual follow through.

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