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Mike Pence As Virus Hunter. Rebalancing Flows As Bear Repellent.

If you're looking for a savior amid the chaos...

If you're looking for a savior amid the chaos...
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8 comments on “Mike Pence As Virus Hunter. Rebalancing Flows As Bear Repellent.

  1. Watching CNN tap dance while Trump makes them wait. If they really wanted to make a statement, give him dead air. Or maybe circus music.

  2. Setting up Pence as the sacrificial lamb.

    He’ll do ” a hell of a job” but fall short.

    And then stand aside for Nikki Haley to run as DJT’s veep. Female & minority votes assured!!

  3. Mr. Oxygen

    Put Pence in the demographic center of the country and stand him on a pedestal that slow rotates that way he can stare at the virus and project Americas resolve toward it.

    Seriously and more importantly why Pence you ask, because things are going to look bad and Trump has just handed a huge portion of the administrations forthcoming image problem.

  4. Derek is exactly correct. Pence will take the blame if/when it goes bad and if by chance the US gets through this relatively unscathed trumppie will take all the credit. Classic trumppie move. And the hilarious (sad in fact) part of it is 42% of the country will totally agree. Pence must be asking himself (for the 10millionth time) whether it would have been better to just accept he is done in politics rather than face trumppie for 3 or 4 years and end up in the same place. He could have made millions doing nothing instead of being delusional, humiliated etc. Some day we will hear trumppie tell Pence to roll over and see lil Mikie do it on live TV. Then get fired.

    • If I would not be shocked if Mike resigns soon saying he has no idea how to fix this and Trump has cut the funding needed to address it. At least then someone might ever take him seriously as a leader again. I won’t but you know, someone might.

  5. Lot of to-do about nothing…..let’s throw money at it and Pence.., …..Long story short Ridex might be more effective.. Best part for bears is that they can’t cook the books with analyst expectations for something as objective as virus data . It did not matter what popped the bubble as long as the data was not able to be chocolate coated. for public consumption..

  6. DJT in the press conference – “I’m using Mike because he’s very good at doing what he does.” I had to pause the TV so I could laugh out loud for 10 minutes! Still laughing about it this morning!

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