Total Trumpification.

Total Trumpification.

We're very nearly back to the expansion peak on consumer sentiment in America. The preliminary read on the University of Michigan's gauge for February was 100.9, up from 99.8 in the prior month, and better than the 99.5 the market was expecting. It was the highest print since March of 2018's 101.4, the cycle high. The expectations Index hit 92.6. That's also the second-highest level of what is the longest expansion in history, although it's nowhere near the all-time record of 108.6. "Net
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5 thoughts on “Total Trumpification.

  1. our current situation is best described as a reality tv show, run by a carnival barker, attended by the masses willing to suspend disbelief, in order to collectively feel a part of the action, when in truth they/we are the suckers.

  2. The American consumes ,on a daily basis huge volumes of Trumpian BS…..People like hearing what they want to hear….Bit by bit everyone becomes what he/she eats (consumes)…. Trump is , as I always say…. not the cause but the symptom..I see not real need to get riled at Trump as the problem goes way deeper than one man even if he is the Joker….Disaster looms…!!

  3. H-Man, we have to accept the fact the dog, who has been constrained somewhat, is now released from the lead. Free to roam with no tugs on the lead. We can only hope that dog will roll in a pile of feces that even a good bath will not eradicate.

  4. He will self destruct, his sub-conscious drives him to self destruction every day as he knows he does not deserve to be the “leader” of the free world.

  5. Humans, we don’t really understand our true nature. 50 thousand years ago we were nervously gnawing bones for the marrow after the lions feasted and then the jackals licked the plate clean. Thanks to a growing cerebral cortex we figured out how to rise to the top of the food chain. But genes take tens and hundreds of thousands of years to change so even though we discovered fire, invented the wheel and learned to split the atom we are still frightened, nervous and jealous creatures who are easily lead by bright shiny objects and leaders who tell us what group we should blame for making us afraid. It’s no longer the lions and jackals we fear, we got rid of them long ago, now it’s anyone who is not us. The commenters above are right, Trump is just the symptom, our problems are much bigger and digital technology has poured gasoline on the fires of fear that drive us.

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