Person-To-Person Inversion.

Person-To-Person Inversion.

The CDC (along with Illinois public health officials) on Thursday confirmed the first person-to-person transmission of the deadly coronavirus in the US. During a press conference, CDC officials explained that the Chicago woman who brought the infection back from Wuhan ended up passing it to her spouse, who is in good condition. I suppose we should qualify that. The person's condition is as "good" as can be expected considering the diagnosis. The mystery virus has now killed 171 people and sicke
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5 thoughts on “Person-To-Person Inversion.

  1. Nothing screams “we’re all gonna die” like people dying daily from new and novel disease. Given last week this was “pfff it’s probably going to be like SARS” and a week later it looks serious. I would not take bets on where we are in two weeks.

  2. But the markets still managed to close in green. Tesla 650$. Amazon +12% in AH (that’s around 110 billions), just because they beat fake expectations. NDX futures up 200pips from the daily low. This is getting more absurd every day.

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