Trump Turns Davos Presser Into Anti-Impeachment Harangue

Trump Turns Davos Presser Into Anti-Impeachment Harangue

"When we released that conversation, all hell broke out with the Democrats because they said, 'wait a minute, this is much different than Schiff told us'", Donald Trump said, in Davos, where he decided to hold a press conference on Wednesday, apparently for the sole purpose of venting his frustrations. The president was attempting - again - to suggest that somehow, the White House's decision to release a rough transcript of his July 25 call with Ukraine's Volodymyr Zelensky was a stroke of stra
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4 thoughts on “Trump Turns Davos Presser Into Anti-Impeachment Harangue

  1. Which makes you wonder…why are the Republicans so insistent on keeping this A’hole in office?? It’s not about the “people”. (Unless they’re rich.) It’s not about the environment. It’s about power and money. Trump is the stooge that they are manipulating. He’s not smart enough to make the moves to control the Justice Department by himself. Some one or group is making the strategic steps to control the courts in America. If you control the justice system you can do anything you want without worrying about the consequences.

    1. If you have not, you may want to read “Dark Money” by Jane Mayer. From the cover: “The hidden history of the billionaires behind the rise of the radical right”. It is a detailed factual account of the Right’s mobilization of vast amounts of money, beginning in the 80’s through 2016, to affect the policies of our country using pseudo science and misinformation, among various other questionable tactics. Pretty disturbing read, actually.

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