Lukewarm Data Belies Top 10 Year For S&P

Last month, Donald Trump became the proud owner of the second-worst November Chicago PMI print in 17 years. Since 2001, the gauge had only been lower in one November than last month's 46.3, and that was in 2008. Amusingly, 46.3 represented a marked bounce from October, when the barometer registered 43.2, a monumental drop from September’s 47.1 print. Fast forward to December, and the Chicago gauge - which is volatile - printed 48.9, ahead of consensus (47.9) and in line with the general n

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2 thoughts on “Lukewarm Data Belies Top 10 Year For S&P

  1. I wonder how much the tariffs worked as a de facto transitory stimulus pulling demand forward from future periods to get under the wire for the potentially escalating tariffs.

    I have been doing a lot of long drives on the freeways surrounding the Port of Boston. Late Aug-Sept, the freeways and truck stops were heavy with trucks. Oct-Nov seemed to slow down and late Nov through mid-Dec was the busiest I have seen including a lot of double trailers. Haven’t been on the road the past 2 weeks. All of this is anecdotal, but I found interesting. I’m interested to see if Jan shows the continued rebound or another move down possibly showing the uptick to be transitory as well.

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