2 Things: Soy And Gold

Make great patriot farmers not bankrupt again! December was a blessed month for America's beleaguered soybean farmers, who have found themselves at the center of what, over the last 18 months, has escalated from trade spat to full-on economic cold war between the world's two largest economies. Soy futures are up more than 8% in December, the best month since April of 2016. The rally comes amid trade optimism and a broader surge in commodities tied to a brightening global growth outlook and a f

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2 thoughts on “2 Things: Soy And Gold

  1. Industry reports suggest that the Chinese hog herd count , due to Swine Fever, could drop by as much as 50%. Increased Pork purchases is an obvious. There are serious questions related to increasing soybean purchasing to previous levels. They don’t have the sows. It is going to take a while for China to rebuild herds free of the disease.

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