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He’s No Janet Yellen, But For Now, ‘Straight-Up Bliss’

But, and there's always a "but"...

But, and there's always a "but"...
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3 comments on “He’s No Janet Yellen, But For Now, ‘Straight-Up Bliss’

  1. Are the Chinese playing with Trump? Let him see what happens when there’s some tariff relief and then pull the plug. Demand what they want, say in August or September, let the markets tank and watch him wiggle on the hook. Show him who really is the great deal maker.

  2. Few are thinking about (aloud) what happens if the real economy does not respond to easier and easier monetary policy. Think Europe, think Japan for decades. What happens if the Fed keeps the party going and the attendees fall asleep or leave? Fiscal stimulus? Monetization? Return of inflation and/or stagflation?

    Not sure it is so easy with historically low unemployment, low rates, large deficits, aging population, constrained immigration, biz spending flattish (future productivity), less trade, and on and on.

    There is an old saying, if it seems too good it probably is.

    Time to step up the homework and factor in the risks few are willing to talk about but remain.

  3. Bernke put in motion a financial Doomsday machine…..just a mater of when it hits.

    VIX popped up Friday on a nothing day…….usually drops on Friday.

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