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Here’s What’s Behind The ‘Relentless Bid For Stocks’

All of this is playing out against a backdrop defined by a (rare) dearth of news flow...

All of this is playing out against a backdrop defined by a (rare) dearth of news flow...
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6 comments on “Here’s What’s Behind The ‘Relentless Bid For Stocks’

  1. What’s surprising? The Fed got on board with Draghi’s program which Legarde will quietly and competently execute with little help from their friend, Haruhiko –soporifically gliding into secular stagnation but most of the gains have been realized. Just “guaranteed” low margins until demography and debt loads constrict the last bit of life out of the “market.”

  2. These are interesting observations about the marginal flows which influence day-to-day trading. But why no mention of the relentless buy-backs? Those amounts dwarf other flows by a large degree.

    • I don’t print the whole note. Remember, we adhere to strict journalistic standards with source material. It’s light excerpts, paraphrasing and limited verbatim quotes. In other words, these are just highlights. Here’s Charlie: “Elsewhere, “light” data- and news flow- (although POTUS Trump talking “negative rates” sure was interesting) has facilitated the ongoing risk-rally, where it does seem evident that a mix of 1) historically +++ seasonality in SPX (resumption of Corp “buyback” post EPS and performance-chasing “FOMO grab” into YE) has aligned with 2) clients rolling-out upside and 3) Overwriters covering short strikes as part of an overall impulse “higher”

      • Not quibbling with your editing, sir. Rather, commenting on how many of us get too obsessed with day-to-day and week-to-week movements rather than the longer-term picture. From my own meager experience, it is liberating to step back a little.

        • oh i know you weren’t. i was just giving you the quote from Charlie with the buyback reference

        • What makes this most interesting is that different people view events from different distance and perspective……so to say…. It is somewhat like your eyesight as you get older . You have to adjust the length of your arms or move your chair back…I do agree the result is liberating , as you can observe phenomenon that you never noticed before from someone else’s point of view.

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