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Chasing Your Own Tail And ‘Zombies At Dawn’

Price discovery lives - even as zombies make a comeback.

Price discovery lives - even as zombies make a comeback.
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1 comment on “Chasing Your Own Tail And ‘Zombies At Dawn’

  1. George says:

    This post leads me in a direction that has not been articulated ( although there isn’t much that hasn’t been ) by even H…..
    We live in interesting and definitely changing times so I suppose we should expect the rules in the financial / equities business to be maybe irrevocably altered.. Let us assume the rules in the playing field are divided between objective criteria , subjective criteria and maybe (for the sake of argument) the philosophical ..
    Neither objective or subjective seem to yield even a reliable clue of predictability although it certainly has been explored in detail. The philosophical could be as stated by Bernard Baruch that markets can stay irrational longer than we can stay liquid. Let’s say we prove that wrong so then how long can all this levitation and manipulation actually last.. Forever, ….that being said nothing is forever..
    Maybe but maybe this time is different and the answer lies in the unknown….or perhaps the realm Political upheaval..
    Does this thought train flip any switches or maybe I am getting bored with the conventional ?????

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