Army Officer Alexander Vindman Listened To Trump-Zelensky Call. Here Is His Statement To Impeachment Investigators

Army Officer Alexander Vindman Listened To Trump-Zelensky Call. Here Is His Statement To Impeachment Investigators

House impeachment investigators will hear from another corroborating witness on Tuesday in the spiraling inquiry into Donald Trump's efforts to compel a foreign government to conduct investigations into his political rivals. Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, a US Army officer who works for the White House National Security Council, listened to the infamous July phone call between Trump and Ukraine's Volodymyr Zelensky and came away so concerned that he alerted the NSC's counsel. Vindman w
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11 thoughts on “Army Officer Alexander Vindman Listened To Trump-Zelensky Call. Here Is His Statement To Impeachment Investigators

  1. I think the reason Pelosi is making this inquiry somewhat more official is to dig deeper faster and force out evidence like tax returns. This brilliant and moving offering from Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman adds greater clarity to the overall Ukraine case, but is it enough to sway the nazi-thinking GOP senators ( as Anonymous mentions)? Unfortunately, even an airtight case may run into that wall, which will make most people question the legitimacy of the impeachment process and the premise of law and order. In a sense, it’s as-if the current GOP members have learned their lesson with nixon and thus fully plan to shutdown any case presented to the senate, no matter how factual. We return to the underlying nazi theme that trump can shoot anyone he wants and not be held accountable and not be accountable for tax evasion or obstruction of justice or any abuse of office — thus, relying on the senate nazis to subvert the Constitution in broad daylight.

    One has to wonder if there is risk in that plan, to the GOP? The only recent example of reality may be the booing @ the World Series, where the people communicated their displeasure with trump and the GOP friends who attended the iconic All American Game. There is a glimmer of hope that more American will speak up and that there will be massive protesting and mass efforts that target accountability for criminality. Is America up to that and can momentum gather, as impeachment proceedings intensify? In reality, the only way to save America from the nazi coup or gangster rule, is to boo louder and louder and louder.

    trump the GOP pussy, will most likely never place himself into that same awkward position, to face real Americans in public and thus hide behind his cell phone in a padded room, protected by his worshipping sycophants — but at some point, that inability to connect with American’s and to be thought of as an American leader will become such a comical farce that booing and laughing will carry over into the reality of total rejection of who there people are and what they represent.

    Meanwhile, how will America deal with a group of senators that fail to protect America, senators who are lawless traitors who subvert their vows and denigrate themselves in an effort to support chaos and lawlessness — how will they be perceived in their communities, their churches and the confines of their increasingly small American circle of nazi play pals? Eery single senator will have to face the American’s that were booing at the National Series — and they will have to face American’s like Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman and the increasingly long list of people that are providing evidence against trump!

  2. Dear GOP, Some Scary Advice on How to Survive Your Impeachment Nightmare

    The problem is that “the genius of our great president” demands total fealty. He will insist that acquittal be considered total exoneration, and he intends you to be a part of the whitewash. He wants you to embrace and ratify his conduct; and if you do, you will own it.

    But what if the party had gone all Watergate-is-no-big-deal? If it had, it’s unlikely that Ronald Reagan would even have been elected, because the GOP would have been haunted by Nixon for a generation.

    In your idle moments, you have perhaps wondered what your legacy will be. Here’s the answer; history will remember what you do over the next few months.

    Short term, breaking with Trump will spark a nasty blowback. But imagine for a moment a post-Trumpian Republican Party freed from the baggage of Trumpist corruption. The choice is between a party inextricably tied to Trump, with all of his crudity, dishonesty, lawlessness and arrogance, and a party that has shown that it is capable of being a principled defender of constitutional norms.

  3. I wonder if any member of the committee asked Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman to read the WH version of Trumps call (which Trump insists on referring to as a transcript) and whether it tallies with his recollection and is there anything that the WH version doesn’t include.

      1. It wasn’t a transcript. It was a roughly 5 minute summation of a 20 minute phone conversation with the original transcript/recording locked in a secure top secret server.

  4. It looks like House and Senate Republicans are going to face a rather bracing choice. Take it in early 2020, or take a shellacking at the polls in the fall of 2020. Based on what we know so far between the toxic events involving Ukraine and the Meuller report, not to mention Syria and trade we are currently being led by someone unqualified and unfit in the extreme. It is very much like the ad for air filters, you can pay me a little now or a lot later. Pelosi and the Democrats, if they handle it correctly, even if they fail in the Senate will make Trump very hard to re-elect or support for any but the “base”.

  5. GOP supporters rarely jump ship. Regardless of whether Trump is impeached, my guess is he’s still on track to thrust & parry effectively against any of the currently leading Dems. Is there anything we know NOW about Trump we didn’t know 1 or 2 yrs ago? He’s a fool, but he’s the Republicans’ fool and they appear happy to continue to go to the mat for him.

    The Repubs I know well tend to be single-issue Repubs, ie abortion, gay rights, or something similar. They dislike Trump, but they hate those ‘socialist’, ‘baby killing’ Dems even more.

    Will the ‘youth vote’ turn the Electoral College in States that matter in 2020? Who knows.

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