Liz Cheney: It’s Not Insane To Blame Democrats For Turkey’s Invasion Of Syria

Liz Cheney knows who's responsible for Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s incursion into northern Syria. It's Adam Schiff. And Nancy Pelosi. And Democrats in general. “I’m very concerned about it, Brian", she told Fox & Friend's Brian Kilmeade on Monday, during what started out as a marginally serious discussion about the plight of America's former allies in Syria and the fact that ISIS sympathizers are escaping by the hundreds amid the melee triggered by Erdogan's offensive. Read more: Assad G

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6 thoughts on “Liz Cheney: It’s Not Insane To Blame Democrats For Turkey’s Invasion Of Syria

  1. I suppose it is possible that the stress of impeachment has caused the Donald to lose his last link to sanity, which means the Dems indirectly triggered the Turkish offensive, but that hardly makes it their fault.

  2. The refrain “ISIS sympathizers are escaping by the hundreds” by all Syria war apologists, needs to viewed as propaganda by those with a functioning brain. Until evidence is given treat it as such. “ISIS” related terrorists were recruited illegally by CIA to wage war against Syria. As the Kurds and US forces adjusted to the Turkish forces entering the northern region it is more likely that this sort of prisoner, those left alive, were executed.

    1. This is nonsense. There is all manner of evidence to support the contention that more than 700 ISIS relatives, family members, and related captives escaped from multiple locations. This has been verified by, among others, The New York Times, and if that’s not good enough for you, there are videos all over Twitter and other social media outlets. The “terrorists were recruited by the CIA to wage war against Syria line” is a woefully simplified, dumbed-down version of the real story, which is obviously far more nuanced, as detailed in a series of diplomatic cables which were made available in 2015. You are now banned from commenting on Heisenberg Report. We have made it abundantly clear that this is not a site for conspiracy theories. Those spreading them will be banned without further notice.

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