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Markets Lost In Fog Of Trade War Amid Hopelessly Conflicting Reports

"Good and easy to win", he said.

"Good and easy to win", he said.
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1 comment on “Markets Lost In Fog Of Trade War Amid Hopelessly Conflicting Reports

  1. vicissitude

    The one constant in all this trump chaos is the game playing and the art of making deals — and thus the drawn-out illusion of success or progress. I quickly decided that this Fog of War post was unworthy of reading, because I’m like a lot of people who are bored to death looking at fog stories and rolling my eyes with every mention of a new twist or turn in this increasingly stupid Greek tragedy. However, this process of moronic delay and showmanship — even if it is a ruse for market manipulation, plays into the open arms and open-fingered hands of recessionary realities. Hence, as trump falls all over himself playing trade war stupidity, he’s totally missing any sort of mechanism to MAGA, other than the concept of talking up Fox news stories on how great things are, the GOP is losing the game of economic reality — and that’s gonna be harder and harder to fight next year as recession talk overshadows trade talk bullshit.

    It’s literally and figuratively going to be a vast challenge to fight the FRED trend and I have faith that trump and the GOP have no plan as to how to MAGA and that will show more and more each month going forward!

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