Mitch McConnell Not Sure How Donald Trump Is Gonna Get Out Of This One

Mitch McConnell Not Sure How Donald Trump Is Gonna Get Out Of This One

The cover of TIME magazine depicts Donald Trump painting himself into a corner, which is a pretty apt way to visualize the president's current predicament. Having made enough enemies to fill a Rolodex, and having inexplicably decided to release the evidence of his latest attempt to invite a foreign government to interfere with a US presidential election, Trump has forced Democrats to launch a formal impeachment inquiry, despite Nancy Pelosi being famously reluctant to go that route. Over the p
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9 thoughts on “Mitch McConnell Not Sure How Donald Trump Is Gonna Get Out Of This One

  1. Seems to me the GOP should want the House impeachment to get done ASAP so that the Senate can acquit ASAP, before more damaging stuff comes out or Trump spirals further out of control.

    At this point, I have a very hard time imagining that 2/3 of the Senate will vote to convict – no secret ballots allowed.

    From McConnell’s point of view, a speedy trial followed by acquittal is preferable to fighting to block an impeachment trial and potentially being forced to allow that trial later when the situation is worse.

  2. Another view for this situation is that the POTUS is out of bullets. No wall. Economy slowing. Fed can’t do anything to provide serious help. Healthcare not fixed. GOP lost house. Ratings going down. He can’t quit but this whole gig isn’t any fun anymore. So why not set up major victimhood and let himself be “driven from office” by “traitors.” His rep stays good. Taxes are already fixed in his favor. No one’s seen his financials. If he’s out they never will. The deal will be he’ll leave office in exchange for blanket immunity. You heard it here first.

    1. I really hope if this deal is offered the Democrats do not take it. That’s pretty much the death knell of any shot we’ll have anything resembling justice in the future. It’ll just be people playing emperor from here on out.

    2. It goes back to a question I have been asking all Drumpf sycophants and MAGA-ragers – just what exactly has this clown delivered of substance during his “best presidency ever”?

  3. Mitch and the GOP have been hanging on to Trump’s coattails since the election hoping there’s enough right-wing idiots out there to win elections in perpetuity. The look on his face may be the realization that that was a minor miscalculation coming home to roost. Hopefully we’ve seen the last of Mitch as well.

    1. I doubt it. What he lacks in integrity, he makes up for it in something. There’s a reason guys like this slither around far longer than you think they could/should.

      1. What happened to the story about his wife pushing deals to her family in China, who also loaned and donated funds to her and Mitch’s campaigns?

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