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#TalibanTrump Roasted On Twitter After Revealing Bungled Camp David Talks

"Read 'The Art Of The Deal!'"

"Read 'The Art Of The Deal!'"
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3 comments on “#TalibanTrump Roasted On Twitter After Revealing Bungled Camp David Talks

  1. The British at the height of the British Empire were defeated there over a century ago. The USSR was defeated decades ago in Afghanistan. Of course, Trump doesn’t read (history or briefing notes). But he could get a better deal than Obama (just like with Iranian nuclear weapons-grade enrichment). NOT.

    • Harvey Cotton

      And what, pray tell, would victory there even look like? A slightly less obnoxious, landlocked, poverty-stricken Central Asian country.

  2. US Military: Losing every conflict we’ve engaged-in since WWII. Voters are easily misled by politicians who wave the flag & send in the troops, yet refuse to produce the promised results.

    Fwiw, I’ve worked in multiple war-zones, both as military & civilian, and I’m well-aware of the MANY reasons for our ‘failures’ there.

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