Powell Delivers Acceptable Performance In Zurich: Highlights

Powell Delivers Acceptable Performance In Zurich: Highlights

Jerome Powell's remarks at a moderated discussion in Zurich went off ok on Friday, following a jobs report that suggested the labor market is cooling, even as a close inspection revealed some bright spots. The Fed chair has a penchant for repeating (almost verbatim) recent talking points, perhaps because going off script risks a communications misstep that could trigger market turmoil or invite an angry tweet (or five) from Donald Trump. "Today's jobs report is consistent with a solid labor m
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8 thoughts on “Powell Delivers Acceptable Performance In Zurich: Highlights

  1. You seem to have missed the part of his comments where he said that central banks have very little ammo left to fight any type of a downturn because interest rates are already so incredibly low.

      1. True but I listened to the entirety of his comments and the one thing that the bubblehead press completely chose to not mention afterwards were his comments that the fed has little ammo left to fight s downturn. I don’t like Peter Schiff ‘s politics but he is 100% right that the fed has already monetized the almost $3 trillion balance sheet and also the fact that rate cuts here won’t do anything.

        While I’m on the subject of limited coverage, I don’t understand why nobody ever mentions, other than Steve Leisman once a few months ago, the fact that affiliates and subsidiaries of American companies in China earn well over $350 billion a year in China that doesn’t count towards the balance of trade. If you take that into account the United States actually has a trade surplus with China and not a deficit. This entire current situation is based on a giant populist scapegoating lie.

  2. At least the head of Canada’s central bank, Poloz, resisted the ‘me too’ movement of too many central banks and remained politically independent and data dependent.

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