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China Still Has No Idea What Phone Calls Trump Was Talking About

"Regretfully the US has announced its decision".

"Regretfully the US has announced its decision".
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3 comments on “China Still Has No Idea What Phone Calls Trump Was Talking About

  1. Maybe Steven Mnuchin reads the Nomura CTA trigger levels too, and they conjured this hocus pocus to keep the spx above 2853

  2. Trump fabricated the phone call because that’s what he does: he lies about everything, all the time — and has been doing it for almost fifty years. That’ll be how history judges him: “He lied.”

  3. Think about what impact Trump’s behavior and false statements are having on Xi and the Chinese leadership. They should perceive:
    – Trump is increasingly anxious and desperate, his vulnerability is showing clearly through his bluster and threats.
    – His position is eroding with every additional month of trade war.
    – He is as concerned about short-term stock market moves as he is about the fundamentals of trade, IP, and security.
    – Trade negotiations give him a means to boost stock prices, even if nothing is accomplished or they don’t actually happen.
    – Agreements mean little to him, and an agreement made when he is in a weaker position are likely to be torn up when he feels stronger.

    They should also see that Trump is weakening and fragmenting the US-led Western powers.

    Even though Trump is causing China pain with his trade war, in the longer view it may be in China’s best interests for Trump to remain President for another term or three.

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