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Stocks And Bonds Diverged In A Yellow Wood, And Sorry I Could Not Travel Both

Is past performance indicative of future results?

Is past performance indicative of future results?
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4 comments on “Stocks And Bonds Diverged In A Yellow Wood, And Sorry I Could Not Travel Both

  1. Billy Oxygen

    Here’s hoping that the markets discipline us sooner rather than later; otherwise among other retardants of growth we will continue to develop more robust Oval Office Syndrome. And yes the type of pushover media dip-shits on the left who make news out of Greenland type nonsense do support their captor, their terrorist.

    • The Greenland story was put out there by the Rupert Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal. When your friends start trolling you, you know the fat lady is warming up. One-term president.

  2. “…assuming a moderate acceleration in profit growth from here, stocks should be ok.”

    There really is no profit growth when one considers that corporate profits in real dollar terms topped almost FIVE (5) years ago. Playing the float shell game promulgates the illusion that companies are making more money hand over fist.

    They’re not. The big ones, mostly yes. But the preponderance of companies are making less money per quarter. The earnings “profit” charade right now is like giving somebody a fixed amount of tub of whipped butter (decreasing the float) instead of what used to be a solid stick – and telling them that there’s more because it comes in a bigger container. No. In fact, that tub has been whipped to the degree that indeed there is less butter than in what used to be a solid stick.

    And then, of course, is the bread and circus that is the “analysts estimates” to be beaten. They spread that butter more thinly than they did at actual profit peak 5 years ago – on a wish sandwich – and say “see? If you squint just right it looks like it’s really full!” So everybody squints and cognitive dissonance & greed do the rest.

    Stocks are not okay. The RUT, DJT, and other indexes which are reliable at presaging MM destinations are still only in a 2-year topping pattern, at best. Bonds are relentless dark clouds and have been for months and months. Hey- maybe this time it is different.

    But especially with that greasy grifting Crazy Little Thumbs articulating a very sick and dangerous ideation of reality – I wouldn’t count on it.

  3. Dana Newman

    So, are we to conclude that no matter what result may come out of the decisions that we make in life, the most important thing is the confidence of our decision making that it builds in us, or are we to not take a stand and instead just make wishes and hope they turn out to be right?

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