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If Central Banks Fail, Here’s What One Bank’s Clients Will Be Buying

What do you buy if "quantitative failure" comes calling?

What do you buy if "quantitative failure" comes calling?
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11 comments on “If Central Banks Fail, Here’s What One Bank’s Clients Will Be Buying

  1. If “Central Banks” can’t or don’t provide a solution one may find Bitcoin gains relevance. Sarcasm? Just sayin.

    • Cryptos are tantamount to pyramid schemes. there’s no “value” or “relevance” to be had. this is what proponents just refuse to understand, and I gave up trying to explain it a long time ago because people just lumped me into the crypto hater category, which wasn’t an accurate description of my position. if there were any merit to them, i would have been happily all aboard the bandwagon years ago, but the unfortunate fact of the matter is that they are, by and large, a valueless scam. and they will, eventually, all go to zero. as ever, i say that with absolutely no malice towards anyone and i wish holders nothing but the best and god knows Bitcoin has minted a lot of millionaires. but if you want to take enormous risks with your capital, there are a ton of ways to do that which don’t involve valueless digital tokens.

      • Tequila Mockingbird

        I ask this question completely earnestly: do you not see any value in a gamified economic incentive for people to build and maintain a decentralized ledger? and relatedly do you see any value in a decentralized ledger in the first place?

        • I think that’s really the question. I fully understand the immense risk of investing in crypto but also the concept of a decentralized ledger system just seems like an incredibly valuable layer of code to operate on the internet especially if the internet does not splinter into national intranets. What the tokens are worth would be nothing but a projection of their utility onto the related money supply. If they have some utility then their value cannot be zero anymore than Facebook’s ad space value can be zero even though anyone can build a new ad driven social network.

      • Like trading real net worth for candy crush tokens. Will be seen as the pet rocks of this era.

  2. Let me amend that to be simply that you should have placed the question mark with your sarcasm notation.

  3. What really going to cook everyone’s noodle is when USTs do an about face next month. An interesting time to be alive(investing)!

    • yeah, an abrupt U-turn that sends yields surging would be hilarious to watch

      • Be cool if we could break the yard first on Euro Corp Bonds – I guess we came closer on Friday when the fx ticked up to 1.122 (i.e. Eur~890Mn = $ 1 bio)
        Is anyone watching out fir this meaningless, momentous event??

      • Upcoming tariffs on consumer goods, as we’ve seen, are significantly showing up as consumer inflation. I suspect production shifts out of China will net out to higher trending PPI as well. The former, at least, will be very visible in 2020 and may put a higher floor under inflation expectations, show up in TIPS, and could shift the narrative back to “how long till the fed has to respond”. Kind of ironic if Trump single-handedly shifts the Fed back to tightening, in his bumblestumble way.

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