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For Some, A Market ‘Melt-Up’ Is Now The Base Case

The "melt-up" chatter is getting louder. 

The "melt-up" chatter is getting louder. 
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5 comments on “For Some, A Market ‘Melt-Up’ Is Now The Base Case

  1. Maybe, but a surprise jump in average hourly earnings on Friday (and the implications for the expected Fed rate cut) could pop this bubble in a hurry.

    • Was at the dump the other day and noticed a lot of broken clocks that used to be right twice a day……apparently useless now !!!

  2. Anybody worried about earnings this quarter? Or is that just passe at this point?

    • Nobody worries about earnings any more – what do they have to do with stock prices in 2019?? 😉

  3. SP500 has been almost flat for 1.5 years of violent swings without much real progress. YTD performance may be the “best ever” or suchlike, but 1 yr and 2 yr not so much. Leading indicators have started rolling over, EPS growth likewise, yield curve inverted, the fiscal bullets are all fired, monetary bullets are few, the US ruling party’s actions don’t inspire confidence, and the opposition party’s platform is mostly negative for stock investors. A rally can be manufactured at any time by a tweet, or a technical melt up can kick off. How many will use that as an opportunity to take profits and move to the sidelines?

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