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With ‘Everything’ At All-Time Highs, Is It Really ‘Too Late’ To Be A Bull?

Did you miss it - again?

Did you miss it - again?
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5 comments on “With ‘Everything’ At All-Time Highs, Is It Really ‘Too Late’ To Be A Bull?

  1. We’re overthinking this. Two quarter-point cuts — in July and December — and a slowing, but not end to, QT. The one should create room for the other, with the goal being a return to normalization down the road. The millennials and Gen Z have no interest in turning Japanese. Call me an optimist.

  2. I said it in 2009…next time we get this type of market “you will be able to run but not be able to hide”…Could be true because there is no protection in bonds ,stocks or cash.. Real estate and private debt are no haven either if a level of insolvency hits… Precious metals ??? one thing for sure you can’t eat them and storage is a risk….Tough to trade your way through this ….against machines especially.

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