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Nomura’s Charlie McElligott Serves Up Giant Dose Of, Quote, FOMC ‘#BOOMSAUCE’

"The QE-trade is back in a major way."

"The QE-trade is back in a major way."
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10 comments on “Nomura’s Charlie McElligott Serves Up Giant Dose Of, Quote, FOMC ‘#BOOMSAUCE’

  1. Translation, anyone?

    • Another everything rally and we go up till end July at least. But next week it could have a slight pullback

      • Anonymous

        Thank you, Franceska, I appreciate your comment, it makes sense. Right now seeing the market come off today’s highs, wondering like everyone else, where our response to the Iran drone incident will take us. There’s always something to worry about if you are retired and don’t have the luxury of a buy and hold or a long-term horizon…..maybe a safer 2-3% return is the best we can hope for. Thanks again.

      • Not this time ….Too many moving parts on the table simultaneously… Big surprise in store for us all and it is not a game anymore…

        • George, can you explain your comment?…The U.S. has remained in the drivers seat in spite of ongoing global financial deterioration and the historic forces working to undermine the very fabric of our country. Will there be a reversal of these trends to a relatively stable domestic and global growth scenario?

  2. Haha, full dose of Charlie’s BOOMSAUCE

  3. Harvey Darrow Cotton

    Can I buy Beyond Meat stock with bitCoin?

  4. This is one of those times when Finance and Politics (American that is ) are not necessarily going to dictate outcomes.. The scenario for a Geopolitical series of events that has become an existential crisis for others is and has been over boiling for a number of months if not years.The myopic America of the last two decades is not likely to remain unchallenged and thus we can easily find ourselves in a situation that has very unexpected consequences… It happens that way although rarely but when it does the Sloths can be found after they fall out of their trees….

  5. Inflation issues won’t be transitory until we have the opportunity to comp this cycles lowest and easiest comps Dec-Feb….. They may even spin the “pop in inflation” to their economic prowess… BS…

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