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1,000 More US Troops Are Headed To The Mideast And Rumors Of Airstrikes On Iran Are Flying

And now, for your regularly scheduled escalation.

And now, for your regularly scheduled escalation.
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5 comments on “1,000 More US Troops Are Headed To The Mideast And Rumors Of Airstrikes On Iran Are Flying

  1. Anonymous

    Trump needs a diversion after the embarassing interview that aired yesterday on mainstream media.

  2. jamaican

    … which one?
    Can you single it out? I’m being serious here, every single statement/interview/tweet/photo op by DJT is embarassing.
    Also, he does not operate using the same set of socially acceptable behaviour as other people.
    Something that would constitute a total embarassement to you is just a regular monday for him.

  3. No. It’s Mitch’s fault. The Republican party could have stood up and said that Trump is a disaster and Republican or not he has to be driven from office and someone responsible put in (and that doesn’t mean Pence.) All members of the government are to be held accountable to the best interests of the people. Mitch is 100% responsible. Trump is an idiot (or to quote a senior Republican Senator) a F’n idiot. Mitch supposedly is not. A coward maybe.

  4. Anonymous

    Mitch prides himself on being refered to as “Darth Vader” and has blocked many noble bi-partisan bills from Congress from even making it onto the Senate order paper or for Senate Committee discussion, let alone the Senate floor for a vote. Mitch and Barr are the ‘barbells’ of Trump’s protection.
    The Sunday embarrassing interview was on ABC, if I recall. I couldn’t bring myself to watch it, but could hear my wife laughing out loud at some of the ridiculous things hTrump said. His Chief of Staff even gagged, but disguised it with a cough.

  5. jamaican

    Aah, yes, a modern classic.
    One could almost start to feel sorry for poor Mick.
    That aside, throwing his own (“acting”, what else) chief of staff out of the room for coughing is just another step towards authoritarian hell.
    Kim Jong Un would have treated him differently, I bet.

    P.S.: The irony is there is a good chance Mulvaney wanted to signal him to stop staying something stupid…

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