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Oh, Ship!

Look at the bright side...

Look at the bright side...
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7 comments on “Oh, Ship!

  1. Anonymous

    Let’s guess who could possibly want global conflict with Iran while simultaneously driving up oil prices?

    • jamaican

      hmmm… bone saws, anyone?

      it’s really a foreign policy insanity loop : increased oil revenues => more money for weapons purchases by SA => more suffering in Yemen => more pushback by iranian-backed forces => more regional instabilty => higher oil prices. Rinse and repeat.
      Until somebody makes a mistake.
      And all of that under the auspices (he used that word!) of a clearly demented US president who carries an imaginary trade agreement on a single blank piece of paper in his suit.
      The world should be terrified.

  2. Equities are anesthetized against negative news it appears almost permanently. This type of event would have been catastrophic even five years ago….Speaks to huge changes in the Equity trading business as well as an understanding that manipulating this system is an end in itself….

  3. jamaican

    true dat.
    S&P is up by 0.5 %.
    Oils reaction is also far from outszied.
    This is laughable.

  4. History will look back and likely call this period as “The Great Oil Wars.” Much of global policy has been in service to the international fossil oligopoly. Recall there are 59 trillion cu/ft of methane under Afghanistan, perhaps the largest untapped NG field in the world, that I believe is the reason for all the turmoil there going back decades. Yes, 9-11 too, is largely due to oil and energy security policy as well. Add to that climate denialism and you have a large part of the picture. Well, that’s my largely worthless opinion anyway. Good luck.

    • When you add the timing of Venezuela , Libya, Iran Sanctions, Russian pipeline to Germany as well as Saudi actions in Yemen into one scenario you can see that this is all about Geopolitical maneuvering that been brought to a climax stage .. History will confirm this !!!

  5. Thanks BofA for showing the level of disruptions. I doubt oil prices could be supported at these levels without it. With Riyadh and Tehran bickering and Russia doing whatever the fuck it wants, it’s also doubtful OPEC+ will manage a coordinated reduction in supply. Don’t see much upside from here, but putting on my conspiracy theory hat for a second, these events in straight of Hormuz could be false flag ops. Saudi being the only player in the region with access to alternative sea transport comes to mind.

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