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Nomura’s Charlie McElligott And The ‘Grabby Squeeze’

"There's not a lot to debate here".

"There's not a lot to debate here".
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2 comments on “Nomura’s Charlie McElligott And The ‘Grabby Squeeze’

  1. I agree Charlie predicts a lot of what is occurring but it can be difficult to reconcile his timelines due to constant zig -zag maneuvers by The Administration as well as the Fed.. Interpretations by the media further confuse in that before you are done you never are sure whether or not lower interest rates are good or bad especially when stable to rising equity prices is a goal in and of itself. Bottom line …if the market likes it do it ..if not then do the opposite… No wonder Druckenmiller said what he did….It is a challenging environment for sure.. Charlie to his credit stays firm in his flow based analysis…

  2. Professor Fygenson


    Just discovered your Website- looks Interesting!

    Question: Where can I find the figure for “Yield Curve Value and Momentum Factor Performances” for the period before 2009?

    Professor Fygenson

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