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Don McGahn Is ‘Hereby Commanded’ To Appear Before Congress On May 21

“Watch out for people that take so-called 'notes'"...

In the international crime drama/spy thriller that is the Mueller report, former White House Counsel Don McGahn plays a prominent role. In fact, if this were a movie, McGahn would be the odds-on favorite for "best supporting actor". Even before William Barr released a redacted version of the full report on Thursday, Trump aides were nervous about Mueller’s interviews with McGahn who, you’re reminded, found himself “cooperating extensively” with the probe last year on the (ultimately mistaken) assumption that Trump was setting him up to be the fall guy on any obstruction charge. Relive the McGahn saga Oops: White House Counsel Don McGahn ‘Cooperated Extensively’ With Robert Mueller In Obstruction Probe ‘He Didn’t Incriminate Him’: Don McGahn’s Lawyer Tells Trump Things Should Be Maybe, Probably Ok “Trump’s legal team never thoroughly debriefed McGahn’s lawyer about what his client told investigators, leaving them in the dark about what he said”, the New York Times wrote last week, before noting that prior to the report's public release, "White House officials had grown increasingly concerned about what McGahn told the Mueller team and [worried] his
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