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The Path To Dark Places – Trump, Miller Wanted To Round Up Immigrants, ‘Bus Them’ To Sanctuary Cities

"The idea has been raised by 1-2 principals"...

"The idea has been raised by 1-2 principals"...
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6 comments on “The Path To Dark Places – Trump, Miller Wanted To Round Up Immigrants, ‘Bus Them’ To Sanctuary Cities

  1. There is something profoundly wrong with Steven Miller and many of the Trump team enablers – add Sara Sanders to the list. I thought after Trump’s election that the US democracy could survive 4 years of his administration. I did not think it could survive 8 years, and I still believe that is the case. If he is re-elected with nobody to answer to in the last 4 years g-d help us.

  2. Employing the fear tactics that have typified his campaign and his administration, Donald J. Trump told his latest rally audience that electing Democrats would drag the nation back to the dark days of tolerance, decorum and accountability.

    Trump made his closing argument to his audience by raising the spectre of a return to the dignified and restrained discourse that plagued the nation during the regime of any of his predecessors.

    “We had years of talking about people of different genders, races, and nationalities as if they were human beings,” Trump warned. “Do we want to go back to that?”

    “Nooooooo!” the crowd shouted.

    “Do we want our public figures to consider the consequences of their words and actions?” he asked.

    “Nooooooo!” they thundered.

    Vice-President Mike Pence defended Trump against charges that he was irresponsibly stoking his supporters’ worst fears about a return to compassion, civility, and honesty.

    “This is about whether we, as a nation, want to move forward or backward,” Pence said. “And I have faith that the American people want to keep moving backward.”

    • Anonymous

      Dana, is the Pence comment humor or did he actually say that?

      • Pence did not say that. However, most of humanity can trace its evolutionary lineage from primates on back to the primordial soup, while the Trump clan apparently descended from some sort of mutant loophole-seeking tapeworm with an accountability dodging gene.

  3. So you’re saying invest in companies that manufacture cattle cars…

  4. Stephen Miller is the most dangerous man in America. Has anyone done a deep dive into how HE evolved? He seems to have the ability to control Trump’s thinking on issues. What gives?

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