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The Bad News Is, ‘The Next Recession Could See The Third-Worst Spread Peak In History’

The good news is, it won't be because of defaults.

The good news is, it won't be because of defaults.
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7 comments on “The Bad News Is, ‘The Next Recession Could See The Third-Worst Spread Peak In History’

  1. This post says it the way it is…Thanks..

  2. Honestly sometimes I’m just baffled. We wonder why inflation is so low while central banks engineer asset inflation on an unprecedented scale without any change to the transmission channel to the real economy.

    Now we are entering a prolonged period of low growth and low inflation, and again we wonder why, as central banks engineer a prolonged low rate environment that keeps non-productive assets viable.

    So, capital is either trapped in companies with non-productive assets or people’s bank accounts with non-productive assets.

    How is this supposed to be any good for anyone?

  3. I simply cannot wait for the great reset of this post-Bush Recession Fed-Fed economic fascism. Americans can’t eat plutocrat-engineered rates and dovish Fed-Fed market socialist largesse. This country has subsisted on Frankenstein debt monetization-as-GDP for almost a decade. The current Orangehole-GOPer profligacy of GAAP $1.3 trillion yearly sinkholes (almost a mirror imaging of the pre Great Bush Recession machinations of a tax scam & atrocious Treasury credit card dependency) – to buttress the rich almost exclusively – has now become the WH pogrom to flout American economic interests and, indeed, engineer market racketeering to sustain electoral viability.

    Despite the Byzantine bureaucratic macros and their tendentious narrative of widespread demographic benefit – anybody in the preponderant mean middle class quagmire (or below), whose “assets” are increasingly delineated by the lengthening shadows of soul-crushing debt, will attest that they are but a few paychecks away from de facto poverty.

    Class envy? You bet your kleptocrat-rationalizing ass! Democracy is strengthened at the bottom of a 60% crash.

  4. My new favorite podcast….mix of economics and policitics. H, you a fan…seems like you guys would be on the same page? I think I’ve seen you mention him before in a past article…no?

    Listen to AOC Right for the Wrong Reasons – Ep. 456 from The Peter Schiff Show Podcast in Podcasts.

    • I mean, Peter is Peter… lol. I’ve never spoken to him personally, but I guess what I would say is that Peter is a broken record to the 900-millionth degree. he elicits eye rolls in some circles, but not quite as much as others of his ilk. i would not compare myself to Peter nor would I quote him.

    • “…on the same page…” of what? Some fascist-leaning, tendentiously faaaaaaar proto-fascistic, GOPer-mash note-ing, Orangehole pom-pomming, used-gold salesman digital-rag from Daniel Ivandjiiski? Nothing personal, Brian – honestly – but have you read a few of the articles on Heisenberg Report (the political ones, anyways?)

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