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In Turkey: Meltdown.

If you're surprised, don't be.

If you're surprised, don't be.
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4 comments on “In Turkey: Meltdown.

  1. Quovadiszero

    Trump has brother, by another mother…

  2. The Islamic dictator is on course taking the country down the economic and political crapper. The upcoming municipal elections will be rigged, again, and the demise of the country will continue until he is gone for good one way or another.

  3. Harvey Darrow Cotton

    There are banks that loaned to Trump after multiple bankruptcies. There are traders who invested in Argentina’s Century bonds despite multiple defaults. There are investors who bought Greek and Puerto Rican debt well past sustainability. Plenty will plough into Turkish lira-denominated assets after this.

    • that’s not the part that’s absurd. carry is carry and there’s nothing wrong with gambling if the price/yield is right. the issue here is that every time this happens, EM watchers (and in some cases EM fund managers) act surprised that Erdogan is being Erdogan.

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