‘Unfortunately, He Isn’t Going Anywhere’: After Worst Week Since Crisis, Lira Surges On Central Bank Announcement

I'm pretty biased towards Bloomberg's cadre of live bloggers because frankly, they provide an invaluable, 24-7 service to professional investors and what they write between them is a real-time, wellspring of idea generation for macro addicts. But I'll confess I'm not sure BBG's Benjamin Dow is correct on Monday to say "the Turkish central bank keeps on winning." If there were such a thing as Turkish monetary policy Twitter, I don't think "#Winning" would be something tweeps would employ very of

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4 thoughts on “‘Unfortunately, He Isn’t Going Anywhere’: After Worst Week Since Crisis, Lira Surges On Central Bank Announcement

  1. Hey ‘Walt’,
    So, any bias for or against Turkey? Because Turkey is in NATO, does that mean that Turkey ‘tows the line’ in Syria in step with NATO? What of the PDK, the Kurds and any chance of their own homeland?

    Sorry about all the questions, have a lot more…Have come to respect your verbiage and your opinions.

    Thanks for your time and any answers will be greatly appreciated, take good care…


  2. How deluisional can these people be? There is no functional State mechanism, no working judicial system anymore. One-man caliphate. It is like the last-days of the Ottomans. British were so eager to keep the sultan at his place then, they are so eager to keep the new sultan now.

    Truth is CBT ran out of net FX reserves. They moved all gold reserves to London, and try pseudo-cash infusions by settled foreign exchange rate contracts 300 mill everyday with 30 day duration.

    Turkey has already collapsed. It was done if a few London bankers would stop these fake buoyant stories as if there is a functional market there. They are just trying to reiterate so that an Islamist puppet caliph with his corrupt British technocrats could steer it away for a while. And funneling all the money to offshore accounts with a few banks and corporations. (Check That settled FX agreements by CBT)

    Truth isTRY has been way too overvalued because London bankers love funding islamists, debt is unsustainable, collapse is inevitable.

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