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Stephen Moore Calls For Immediate 50bp Rate Cut, Was ‘Really Furious’ At Jerome Powell In December

"I was furious — and Trump was furious too."

"I was furious — and Trump was furious too."
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10 comments on “Stephen Moore Calls For Immediate 50bp Rate Cut, Was ‘Really Furious’ At Jerome Powell In December

  1. Quovadiszero

    Eventually T Rump will surround himself with every idiot that thinks like him. Woe unto us all.

  2. Welcome to the Banana Republic of Trump! God help us all..

  3. So much for an independent Fed.

  4. I always get a little riled up when we turn this into a critique of someone (I’ll agree idiot ) like Moore or for that matter Trump. Really the problem is in the inability of the system to select competent candidates for the highest office because the criteria for selection is frivolous at best. The rest becomes inevitable when top man is flawed.

    • What would a better system to select competent candidates look like? Minimum “job” requirements? Secondary college degrees? Who would vet the candidates? Should it apply to all federal government positions? Of course no Congress would ever pass such an amendment but the thought is a pleasant fantasy, a diversion from the current insanity.

      • A good start could be some form of campaign finance rules limiting spending . Tough going in Congress though….

  5. Has anyone checked in with Steve “Gold Standard” Forbes lately? Did he die along with the rest of the hard money Republicans? (Check that: Santelli’s still alive and kicking.)

  6. How long before the staff at the Mount Pelerin Society tosses the busts of Hayek and Friedman to make room for shiny, shiny gold busts of Trump and Kudlow?

  7. Is it fair to say that Pinhead Stephen Moore is an “unqualified” clown because he doesn’t actually wear brobdingnagian footware and a flocculent red circle on his nose? Or rather that he’s indeed an autodidactically “qualified” clown because he couldn’t be any more of a bathetic Bozo/Pagliaci (No! Pagliaccio non son!”) joke even with costumes?

    Just wondering, WSJ… Asking for a Chairman friend…

  8. Harvey Darrow Cotton

    Well you can’t make a nomination without bumping one off, so tell me which one of these five isn’t as dumb or silly as nominating Stephen Moore.

    Trump wanting to nominate his pilot as head of the F.A.A. (or his physician as head of the V.A., or people with no trial experience to the federal bench, or an oil tycoon as Secretary of State or…damn it, Harvey, limit it to five!)

    Trump wanting a 10x increase to America’s nuclear arsenal.

    Trump granting One America News and Breitbart permanent seats in the briefing room.

    Publicly backing a hebephile for U.S. Senate

    Sending fossil fuel executives to climate change summits to highlight the benefits of coal?

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