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Behold: Here Is Charlie McElligott’s Fed ‘Rant’

"Allow me to get this off my chest immediately"

"Allow me to get this off my chest immediately"
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7 comments on “Behold: Here Is Charlie McElligott’s Fed ‘Rant’

  1. Perhaps because you’re such a prolific (and highly entertaining) writer, you cannot help but be pricked by the nettles of irony; because even the brilliant McElligot (to whom I LOVE having access via subscription to H.R.) seems to be part of the dudgeon from the “peanut gallery” that viscerally have/had a reaction to the effete Jerome Yellin & the highly selective socialism engineering of the CBs: “in the same vein, if this continuation of January’s relent has you irritated on principle… well then you may need to seek professional help.”

    It’s a real thing for a reason.

    • Yeah Maggie ….I think we are all a bit wacky as well and so we write these comments on posts……lol

  2. The problem with this thesis is that the economy is losing momentum. That means rates fall…if the fed reacts quickly and cuts short term rates aggressively you get a steepener and a mild recession. If not the curve flattens or perhaps shifts down in parallel, and you get a severe recession.

    • Lance Manly

      That is if entities are willing to take on more debt. Just about everyone is up to their gills in debt now. Cutting rates will probably just exacerbate the miss-allocation of capital like the zombie shale drillers that soak up debt yet can’t reach positive cash flow in their business. I think we have reached the end of the upside of loose monetary policy, and unfortunately the fiscal policy spigot is wide open, so what is going to stimulate now?

  3. Richard Koo is the man

  4. Anonymous

    Jeff Snider says “synchronized growth” was a bad read. The analysis should begin there, especially if private debt and Trump implode China.

  5. Debt is debt, regardless of how the brilliants’ want to spin it. I’m planning on riding the bubble until it ends. Just hope i am nimble enough.
    Great coverage guys/gals.

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