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BofAML’s Hartnett Talks Shop, Tells You Who’s Buying And When To Sell

"The pain trade is still up."

"The pain trade is still up."
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5 comments on “BofAML’s Hartnett Talks Shop, Tells You Who’s Buying And When To Sell

  1. Quovadiszero

    “What, me worry”? A Neuman

  2. Isn’t it a natural human reaction to want to be in the market for the entire ride, stepping out the day before the collapse and returning on perhaps day 2 of a long rally? But what are the chances that will happen? And what are the chances some genius is going to tip off a few members of the public without alerting everyone else? I’m grateful for the moves in many markets since December, but I’ll be surprised if it can continue at the same rate for much longer.

  3. Excellent article for this financial neophyte.

  4. Hartnett has an easy to understand theorem and sticks with it consistently.. Still there are a lot of Global moving parts that are unidirectional and moving steadily in a long term trajectory and signify impending change.. Unilateralism, reserve currency status, excessive credit and debt, populist movements, and Eurasian trade unification being the major underrated players…
    Because of the long term fixation of these phenomenon most try to spin and parse the shorter term indicators that can give immediate results but nothing really changes except the Date.That is …until it does….. and those events are generally a SURPRISE. All this is tough to reconcile but it is fun trying. This site is better at scanning the horizon than most …Thanks H …for that.

  5. Anonymous

    Wow, after a big selloff the indicator resets and begins creeping up again? Why not just show the S&P and say the exact same words?

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