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‘Tariff Man’ Hit With $621 Billion Worth Of Trade Deficit Kryptonite

Congratulations are in order for "President T".

Congratulations are in order for "President T".
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11 comments on “‘Tariff Man’ Hit With $621 Billion Worth Of Trade Deficit Kryptonite

  1. Curt Tyner

    The donald is on quite the “tired of winning streak” I must say (said in voice of Martin Short of course). Sh*t, any more winning and we will be broke……ummmm……oops…..we already are and getting more broke by the day. 22T and counting, so much for the donald’s promise that we will be debt free at the end of his second (yikes) term in office.

    Now the fool has to run in 2020 and win (double yikes) in the hopes of staying a half-a-step ahead of the law. I’m pretty sure he’s regretting opening his big mouth about how easy trade wars are to win, rightttttttttt.

  2. Harvey Darrow Cotton

    Thankfully none of this matters to Trump. Fox or Fox Business won’t say boo about it and that is all Cro-MAGAs watch anyway. Trump will dispatch Ross or Kudlow or Miller to say the trade debt is going DOWN and that the only reason it is going UP anyway is because of Obama or House Democrats. The actors and stage props in media will dutifully echo, “Some say numbers are going up, but Administration officials say numbers are going down” and Americans will get their eyes glazed over and think about who the singer is in the bunny mask on TV.

  3. This is a pretty good Op-Ed piece, well done

    • Also, did you make that graphic yourself? 🙂

      • I make all the graphics. literally everything on this site with the exception of a few guest posts from Kevin (MacroTourist) and Bjarne (Notes From Disgraceland) is me. if all I had to do was write, i’d be doing 15 posts a day. but i do the design, the graphics, the ads, all of it.

        • monkfelonious

          Oooh, question I asked long ago answered. Bravo! A new appreciation. You might take a look at this:

          I said at the time mentioned, best graphics of any site. I notice that even the bigs are making McConnell look smooth at times.

  4. Anonymous

    You can’t fix stupid….

  5. On the chart of world trade deficit, are the years 2016 and 2018 reversed?

  6. Anonymous

    Heis, I think you have the wrong perspective on this. Dollar rise makes imports cheaper and exports more expensive.
    Collapse the dollar and trade deficit will decrease – easy as that (almost) It’s as if you want the U.S. to go into recession – that would start to equalize trade imbalance – but at what cost?

  7. Sing it, Walt !

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